Natural stone facades offer the possibility to stand out from the crowd and are primarily used in buildings that emphasise their aesthetic value, such as residential or public buildings. Materials suitable for finishing the facade include granite, slate, sandstone and limestone. It is also possible to choose the colour of the stones and opt for different levels of treatment – such as polished, sandblasted, natural, roughly trimmed, etc.

A common solution in Estonia

There are many public buildings in Estonia, such as banks, commercial buildings and shopping centres, the facades of which are finished with polished granite tiles. At the same time, also strongly represented are limestone facades, for limestone has been used as a building and finishing material in Estonia for centuries, the surface finish either broken, roughly trimmed or natural, and in the recent decades also in the form of a polished slab. Sandstone and slate have also become increasingly popular in recent years.

Different installation methods

There are many solutions – natural stone can be glued to a solid surface, attached to stainless anchors as a ventilated facade plate, etc. The choice between several construction options is usually made with the help of an architect and an expert with knowledge of natural stones.