Slate has always primarily been used as a roofing material. Decades and centuries ago, the most prominent manors and churches had roofs made out of slate. Today, slate roofs of some historic buildings have also been restored in Estonia. In modern construction, slate has started to be used as a facade cladding material.

We offer slate in the form of tiles with a natural surface, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Slate can be free-form or cut to size. Rustic, natural, eco – these are often the keywords that our customers highlight when deciding in favour of slate. Using slate certainly gives a natural-looking result. As it is also rather soft, the tiles may be slightly scratched at the time of delivery, but it should not be a matter of worry. Floor tiles, for example, receive their final smooth finish by being walked on.

When and where to prefer using slate?

Primarily, it should be used for the construction of a natural stone roof. We have sold slate roofs for dignified and large log houses as well as private residences.

What to consider when choosing slate?

There is not much room for error when choosing slate, when taking into consideration that it is best-suited for building roofs and facades.