Over 30 years of experience in using natural stones in construction and products.

Why prefer a natural stone product?

  • Natural stone, as the name suggests, is a natural or ‘green product’.
  • A product made of natural stone is unique, as no two pieces are exactly alike.
  • Natural stone is a dignified, respectable building material that has been used in the construction of castles, palaces and fortresses for thousands of years.
  • If used properly, the lifespan of natural stones will be very long. The initial costs may indeed be higher, but the long usage time of natural stone products will certainly pay off in the end.
  • Products made from natural stone offer a variety of stones to choose from, which in turn include a vast selection of different colours.

Which natural stone is suitable for Estonian weather conditions?

It is certainly a topic that needs a discussion all of its own, but in short it can be said that the stones which are most compatible with our climate and outdoor conditions are granite, quartzite, slate and certain limestone layers. For the purpose of furnishing elements, endless opportunities for usage are provided by the various marbles.

The important arguments in favour of choosing natural stone for outdoor conditions are its resistance to cold, water absorption and abrasion resistance, which are expressed in numbers that may not say much to the average person at first glance.

As the use of natural stone can mean higher costs and require professional knowledge compared to some alternative materials, and it would be worthwhile to already involve a specialist by the stage of selecting the natural stone products.

Why choose Stonebuild?

Our main value lies in 30 years of experience of using natural stone in construction, as well as our extensive network of contacts from all around the world – there is no stone that we will not be able to deliver to Estonia within a reasonable time and at a reasonable price.

We have long-term experience in limestone mining as well as in the production of natural stone products for a variety of purposes, but currently we are primarily engaged in consultations on the selection of the right stones, the sale of natural stone products and, if desired, their installation.

Over the years, we have established a reliable and competent network of cooperation partners both in Estonia and abroad, in the form of suppliers as well as processors.