Kitchen and bathroom worktops

For kitchen countertops, the most commonly used materials are hard stones, with perhaps the most common of them being the uniquely patterned granite. However, if a more even-looking result is desired, it is possible to use artificial stone, as the quartz stone provides a calmer result compared to natural granite. The thickness of kitchen countertops is commonly in the range of 2–3 cm and, if necessary, a so-called ‘apron’ can be added in front of the countertop, giving the impression that the countertop is 5–10 cm thick. Countertops can also be ordered with different edge profiles.

Natural stone kitchen countertop and sink

Sink openings on natural stone countertops can be cut according to the sink chosen by the customer and its shape, whether square, oval or round. The sink can also be made of the same natural stone as the countertop.

Nowadays, sinks, stovetops and electrical sockets can be immersed in the kitchen countertop so that the surface remains evenly smooth. Although granite and quartz stone are the mainly used materials in kitchens, …

What kind of natural stone to use in the bathroom?

Marble is an excellent choice for bathroom countertops. Similarly to kitchen countertops, bathroom sinks can also be made of marble or submerged in such a way that the final result looks even. The bathroom also allows a choice between different natural stone finishes.

In the case of kitchen and bathroom countertops made of natural stone, the properties of the material should be taken into account and the countertop correspondingly pre-treated before use to prevent the absorption of liquids.