Easy to process and polish, marble has been a highly valued finishing stone for thousands of years, and is also widely used in the production of sculptures. Marble is generally considered to be an exclusive choice, symbolising a luxurious lifestyle. Marble is often used, for example, as floor and wall tiles or window sills, as well as in bathrooms. This natural stone offers a wide range of colours from white, yellow and pink to black. However, in terms of general strength and durability, marble is one of the softer rocks among natural stones. The sensitivity to different mortars and sealing compounds must be taken into account when installing light marbles.

When to prefer marble?

Marble is mainly used for bathroom countertops, window sills, and as wall and floor tiles. It can also be used for kitchen countertops, if they are used and cared for according to the properties of marble. In outdoor conditions, however, Estonian climate does not favour the use of marble.

What to consider when choosing marble?

Polished marble is not recommended for outdoor use, as the layer of polish tends to wear off over time due to weather conditions. Although marble is often used as a kitchen countertop as well, it is a material that requires a fair share of care and attention, being sensitive to various liquids such as coffee and wine.