Quartz stone

Pressed stone or quartz stone is a common alternative to natural stone, and various composites can be found in the product range of almost all companies dealing with natural stones. In the case of industrially produced quartz stone, the pattern of natural stone is often imitated, but it can also be produced, if needed, without any pattern at all or with a regular pattern, which is not characteristic of natural stone. The exact colour required by the customer can also be provided.
In the production of quartz stone, more than 90% of natural quartz is used, which gives the artificial stone its strength and longevity.

When and where to prefer the quartz stone?

Quartz stone is usually chosen if interior designers want to use pure tones and pattern-free stone material. In terms of usage properties, quartz stone has the advantage of relatively low maintenance requirements, lack of pores and thus low sensitivity to various external factors.

What to consider when choosing the quartz stone?

Although the press stone is generally durable and essentially maintenance-free, it is not completely heat-resistant and may crack or leave marks when in contact with excessively hot containers.