Stair steps, stair slabs

Natural stone is suitable for the final finish on both indoor and outdoor staircases, the difference mainly lies in the type and finish of the stones used on stair steps and the stair slabs.

Natural stone outdoor staircases

Mainly used for the finishing of outdoor staircases, galleries and platforms are granite slabs with a burnt or roughened surface, 2–3 cm thick. The selection includes tiles of different lengths and widths, which can be matched to the dimensions specified by the architect.

Common sizes of natural stone tiles:
30 x 60 cm
60 x 60 cm
30cm x custom length

In the case of stair steps, the common width is 33–34 cm and the length 100–150 cm, but it is always possible to order natural stone tiles of the required size based on the specific project. The most common are simple rectangular stair steps, as well as those with a more complex front edge. The main materials used for natural stone stair steps and stair slabs are granite and limestone.

Natural stone indoor staircases

In the case of indoor staircases, the most commonly used finishing materials for stair-step tiles are marble, limestone and granite. In private residences, mainly marble and limestone are used, while granite is preferred in public buildings. Natural stone is primarily used in interior decoration for visual purposes, for it does not provide a significant advantage over other materials.